LaUnidad11 Response to Deep Freeze and COVID-19

LaUnidad11 is a network that defends the civil and human rights of immigrants. Our vision is to live in a just and welcoming world free of discrimination, violence and oppression. Our Deportation Defense Protection Network uses mutual aid and solidarity organizing to prepare families and communities, both individually and collectively, in case of an arrest, detention or deportation. 

In addition to this work, we are responding to the impact that record rupture freezes in Houston, TX in addition to the impact COVID-19 is having on our undocumented communities.  

Migrant families are particularly affected by job losses from COVID-19 closures, as they cannot obtain financial support given to citizens. Although not eligible for assistance, immigrants, like all people, need housing, food, health care, and have the right to live with dignity. 

While continuing to deal with the effects COVID has, Houston was hit by two devastating storms that have left many out of work, electricity, water and food. Families are now dealing with necessary repairs after water pipes have frozen, damaging many homes. Disasters do not know immigration status, race or class, it is especially important to support each other, not as citizens, but as human beings. With this in mind we are humble and grateful to ask for a donation that will directly and immediately improve the lives of our migrant community.  We thank you for giving a donation to close this gap that should not exist in our society.